Networking for Jobs in the 21st Century

More quality jobs are obtained from networking than any other means, but most people don’t like doing it. This seminar makes networking easier and more productive. Participants discover who is already in their network; practice learning from conversations; how to follow up with networking contacts; as well as discover ways to find new networks and to grow existing ones.

Working with Search Firms

All search firms are not alike and some are a better fit than others. Learn what the differences are; what key questions to ask; find out how skilled and experienced a firm is in a particular industry; and how to successfully use search firms.

Cyber Search I and II

A hands-on seminar and tutorial where clients learn to use the Internet, including McClure’s Online Resources, a key resource for a successful career transition.

Introduction to Bloomberg

Learn how to get up-to-the-minute information from this exceptional resource to expand possibilities and add value to a job search.