Career Communications

Effective written communication always adds value to a job search. Areas covered include: resumes, cover letters and narrative bios.

Electronic Resumes and Communications/E-Calendar
• How does an e-resume differ from hard copy? What does an e-cover letter look like? Is it appropriate to send a "thank you letter" via email? Learn the protocol, etiquette and risks of the electronic age and its relationship to a job search.
• Outlook? Palm? Compaq? Blackberry? Learn about the newest palmtop technology and how it can be used to better organize a job search.

Interview Techniques

Job interviews are a stressful part of the job search. But solid preparation can relieve that stress. Learn how to: Prepare answers for likely questions. Research a company before an interview. Develop a set of questions to ask at an interview. How to follow-up after an interview. How to evaluate the interview.

Tough Interview Questions

An opportunity for intensive interview practice focusing on how to deal with tough question. Explore different ways to answer those questions and learn how to think more quickly in an interview.

Advanced Interview Skills

Offers additional coaching and feedback on interview performance. Explores how to be successful in interviews with senior executives, as well as panel interviews and long-distance phone interviews.


Negotiating is a skill that can be learned and perfected. Get coached on developing negotiating techniques; understand the subtleties of negotiable and non-negotiable issues, and the trade-offs to gain a better career deal.