The McClure Mission

• Partnering to manage change: We work with our corporate clients to create a smooth and caring transition for leaving employees while helping you to provide a productive and positive environment for employees remaining at your organization.

• Training for the future: We work with employees in transition to develop superior job search skills and help them to develop and implement a plan tailored to their career and future direction.

The McClure Methodology

FOCUS™, our proprietary, holistic process, helps individuals develop
and implement their own future-driven career path. We customize our methodology to meet each participants individual needs rather than following a “cookie cutter” approach.

Using the FOCUS™ methodology, participants will be guided by these five principles:
Foundation: Fashion the Career Plan
Opportunity: Optimize "Yourself"
Career: Create the Market for "You"
Understanding: Unify the Vision
Strength: Sell and Excel

Utilizing McClure’s copyrighted content and patented exercises, participants quickly take charge of their own search. They further enhance job-networking skills while developing their career search savvy through McClure’s counseling and instructional programs.

McClure’s Goals

McClure’s goals are multiple: to be responsive to our client’s needs
and budget, and to provide the highest level of service for transitioning employees. McClure’s experienced management team and diverse
staff have broad expertise and experience in business. This experience
motivates us to operate at the highest industry standards. McClure Management Group is an industry leader, and measures its success
one client at a time.