Change is inevitable. Transition is seeing the next step.

Corporate reorganizations. Downsizings. Mergers and acquisitions. Realignments. They are a permanent part of today’s globalizing economy. What it means for companies and thousands of quality managers and executives is an often trying and traumatic time.

But it can be much more than a time of challenge — it can be a time of transition to new opportunities and choices. However, it requires vision, diligence and perspective.

The McClure Transition Team

McClure Management Group is a career transition and management services company. We work with companies large and small to help
them manage their changing staffing needs. We understand the difficult decisions that need to be made. We can help take the stress out of
that process by giving both our client companies and their employees a focused, proactive approach to transition.

Our unique, holistic process is designed to help individuals develop and implement their own future-driven career path. Our positive and practical approach helps companies improve both internal and external corporate image, while increasing productivity among retained employees.

We measure our success one individual at a time. Over the past decade our professional coaches and career consultants have helped thousands of men and women to find new and valuable career opportunities.

We are excited to offer our unique ability to help individuals find their true strengths, build on their best skills and re-enter the marketplace more versatile players. And what we impart to every individual continues well beyond this transition.



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